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Rev. Al Sharpton on the Senior staff appointments made by Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo

Dec 10, 2010

“It has been no secret that I, along with numerous other New Yorkers, were concerned that the administration of Governor-elect Cuomo reflect the diversity of our citizenry. It is also no secret that Governor-elect Cuomo has made it clear that his administration will be one of the most diverse that New York has ever seen.

If Mr. Cuomo’s initial selections for his staff leadership are any indication of how he will fill the rest of his administration, he is on his way to fulfilling his promise in this area. His selections for his top aides are diverse, solid and strong additions to his team. I hope he will continue to strengthen the rest of his administration –including commissioners and agencies– with the type of diverse and capable talent as he has announced today.”
Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network.