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Rev Al Sharpton and NAN to Lead Emergency Day of Outrage Around County against Gun Violence Nov 23, 2009 at 2pm EST

Nov 09, 2009

New York, NY (November 5, 2009)—Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network (NAN), along with community members across the country will lead a National Day of Outrage on November 23 at 2:00 p.m. (EST) to call attention to the nationwide epidemic of violence in urban communities. Thousands of concerned citizens will come together from Chicago to New York and from Atlanta to Los Angeles to stand together with a unified message that vicious senseless killings in our communities will no longer be tolerated.

The incidents are impacting young students, college students and grandmothers such as the 92-year-old woman in the Bronx, New York who was struck by a stray bullet while watching TV inside her Williamsbridge home on Oct. 20th. In Atlanta, Georgia, where Rev. Sharpton will participate in the Day of Outrage, a 19-year-old Spelman College sophomore was recently hit by a stray bullet while walking on the Clark Atlanta University campus. According to Rev. Al Sharpton: “We must be just as vigilant against the shootings that are random, gang related, or intentional, because we are in a crisis state and too many lives are being forsaken. We’ve got to come together across all lines to fight this battle.”

The National Day of Outrage organizer and National Executive Director of NAN Tamika Mallory said: “You cannot be a leader in any respective field, from elected official, community organizer, member of the clergy to a teacher, doctor or lawyer, if you are not involved in the issue of ending youth and gang violence in our community. Unless we come together, the situation will be beyond our control!” Among the groups that are joining NAN include families of gun violence victims such as Donna Greaves the mother of 13-year-old Kevin Miller who was hit by a stray bullet on his way home from school. Ms. Greaves will participate in the New York event and claims that: “Kids have too much access to guns and it all starts at home. Parents need to be parents. They need to know what their kids are doing. If you think you know your child is doing wrong, check on them.”

Erica Ford, CEO and Founder of Life Camp, Inc. and creator of the “Bury Da Beef” campaign is helping to organize young people from urban communities across New York. According to her: “It Takes A Village To Save A Child!! The strength that breathes inside of us beats the madness of society. We achieve great success when we don’t accept old bad habits as normal behavior. Love Your LIFE!!”

Rev. Sharpton has been focusing on this issue as he travels across the country and was recently in Chicago, Illinois, with parents of students at Fenger High School who say the school has been like a “war zone” since a 16-year-old student Derrion Albert was beaten to death after school on Sept. 24.

The coalition organized by NAN will include families of victims of gun violence, activists, elected officials and concerned citizens. Many of the urban street organizations are on the ground fighting the war against gun and gang violence. These organizations work tirelessly without adequate resources and support. The coalition will work to increase their resources as well as their reach in the community so they can better combat gun and gang violence. The coalition will send a strong message to the youth in this country that it intends to ensure a safe environment for them to reach their full potential. Young people need to know that they are not defined by being a thug, hoodlum or gangster. We want our young people to stand together and take pride in whom they are today and whom they will to become.


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