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NAN’s Youth Movement Coordinates “Shake Off The Violence” Tour

Nov 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011—National Action Network is pleased to announce the national Shake-Off the Violence tour and coast-to-coast cease fire coordinated by NAN’s Youth Movement and the Youth in Action.  Coordinating the national tour are National Action Network’s 13-year-old National Youth Director and the founder of Youth in Action Mary-Pat Hector, and 12-year-old Victoria Pannell, NAN’s Northeast Regional Director of the Youth Movement. Joining them on the national tour are NAN Youth leaders from cities across the country from New York, Detroit, St. Louis, Washington, DC, Philadelphia and more.

Recently a “Shake off the Violence” rally took place in Atlanta, Georgia on November 11th where young people united to discuss alternatives to violence by strengthening the community with programs to keep them off the streets. On Friday, December 2nd a march has been organized in Harlem where the gang presence and gun violence is heavy. According to NAN’s Northeast Regional Director Victoria Pannell the organizer of the march, “the youth will march from four corners to bring attention and awareness to the drug dealers and gang bangers that are terrorizing our communities.”

Since its inception, NAN has promoted a message of anti-violence by encouraging dialogue on how to address the rampant gun violence in communities of color across the nation. NAN’s national Executive Director Tamika D. Mallory has brought together leaders in government, the community and youth groups to stop the violence and foster positive change. According to Mary Pat Hector, the national Youth Director “the schools and our communities will be safer and more secure, free of fear, and conducive to learning as a result of students being actively involved in meaningful violence prevention efforts. We intend for the Shake off Violence Campaign to decrease the potential for violence by promoting meaningful student involvement, education and service opportunities in efforts to provide safer environments for learning.”



FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011 – 6:00 p.m.

Place: 155th st and St Nicholas ave. (Wright Brothers Park and School). The participants will march from here to 157th Street.