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NAN’s Legal Night Team Will Be Honored for Providing Free Consultations and Referrals to New Yorkers In Need

Oct 26, 2011

NEW YORK, NY (October 26, 2011) — Led by renown civil rights Attorney Michael A. Hardy, NAN’s Legal Night Team will be honored for providing free consultations and referrals to New Yorkers in need. This Thursday, October 27th at 7 PM in NAN’s House of Justice (106 West 145th Street); NAN’s New York Chapter President Theresa Freeman will present the team of lawyers assembled by Attorney Hardy who volunteer their time and services to meet with community members the Keys to Harlem and Proclamations to thank them for their dedication and commitment to making legal counsel available to the community. NAN’s Legal Night addresses matters ranging from tenant/landlord disputes to civil rights injustices. The free sessions have helped countless New Yorkers. Legal night is always the last Thursday of every month with the exception of August, November and December.

Attorney Michael Hardy, NAN’s General Counsel and Executive Vice President has handled some of the top civil rights cases of our time including Sean Bell, Ousman Zongo; Fermin Arzu; was the lead attorney for the civil disobedience campaign during the Amadou Diallo matter and he has been Rev. Sharpton’s personal attorney for over 25-years. He leads NAN’s Legal night because he is impassioned by helping those that don’t have a voice and because NAN prides itself in helping those in need that are lost in the legal system.