Press Releases

Follow-up to Measuring the Movement

Jun 07, 2010

Since National Action Network’s national convention in April 2010 the organization has been initiating follow up around the country on many fronts and strengthening our chapters across the United States.

As follow-up to the Measuring the Movement Forum NAN will conduct a voter education and registration tour of key Battleground states leading up to the mid-term elections including in Nevada, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Georgia and Michigan.
NAN has continued to lead the fight against racial profiling nationwide. Since the Convention NAN helped lead the fight for justice around the police killing of 7 year old Jones in Detroit and in Philadelphia NAN is leading the fight against the sergeant that shot himself and blamed it on two non-existing black men. NAN is spearheading the fight against racial profiling along with other groups against the Arizona Immigration Law. PONAN (President of National Action Network) led thousands in a march of to the state capitol in Phoenix To protest the law.
NAN will also continue to support Black economic institutions and strengthen local resources and community based organizatons to put local residents to work as well as push for stronger policies for state deposits in local banks in Black communities. The goal is to make local banks more accountable in providing access to capital for underserved communities. As part of NAN’s Madison Avenue Initiative, the organization will continue to hold coporations responsible for allocating ad revenue to Black owned businesses and media outlets.
NAN is also continuing its Decency campaign across the country by holding record labels and musical artists accountable as we continue to protest those that capitalize off of the misogynizing women and using lyrics that contain the “N, B, & H” words
NAN will continue its commitment to education reform and closing the gap in education and recently helped to lead the fight on charter schools in New York. NAN will continue this fight at our August 28th rally in Washington, DC.