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Statement from Rev. Sharpton & NAN on the Shootings in Atlanta Targeting Asian Americans

Mar 17, 2021

(New York, NY) – Following the news of the recent shootings in Atlanta targeting Asian Americans, Reverend Al Sharpton has shared the following statement.

“I am outraged about last night’s tragic shooting in Atlanta. The killing of eight people reflects the rise of domestic terrorist attacks that we see throughout the country, and we call on federal law enforcement to investigate. Hate crimes against Asian Americans are a result of the hateful rhetoric and dangerous narratives espoused from Americans, including our former president, who believe their words don’t have dangerous consequences. Recently, I stood with Asian American leaders to decry the increased hate incidents in New York, and I want to charge my Black and brown leaders to do so as well. Let’s be clear, domestic terrorism is cancerous, and it is growing in our country. We must work together, regardless of race and political affiliation, to stop it.”