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Statement from National Action Network on President Biden’s Executive Actions to Advance Racial Equity and Support Underserved Communities

Jan 27, 2021

(New York, NY) — Today, National Action Network released the following statement upon President Biden’s executive orders to advance racial equity and support under-served communities:

“President Biden’s executive orders to advance racial equity and support under-served communities is a significant signal to Americans that this administration is serious about its commitment to providing overdue relief for our community. These bold actions represent the beginning of the administration’s policies towards redress for Black Americans who are disproportionately discriminated against when they’re seeking affordable housing, and it also represents a firm obligation to reforming our incarceration system by ending the Justice Department’s use of private prisons.

I am pleased that in the week since his inauguration that President Biden has already begun to fulfill his commitment to tackling the systemic inequities that have been exacerbated by the previous administration. This is a new day in America. I, along with the members of National Action Network, look forward to continuing the work with the Biden administration to produce measurable outcomes that advance racial equity and create a fairer nation for all,” said Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network.

“The killing of George Floyd and others exposed a range of inequities, especially discriminatory police practices. We are hopeful that as President Biden rolls out the next stage for racial inequality stemming from his promise during his campaign to combat racial inequities, that we address issues regarding community policing and additional efforts to tackle other criminal justice issues urgently,” said Ebonie Riley, Washington, DC Bureau Chief of National Action Network.