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NAN’s Georgia Chapter to Provide Poll Chaplains to Monitor Hundreds of Polling Sites on January 5th Election Day

Jan 02, 2021

Poll Monitoring efforts are in partnership With Higher Heights and the New Georgia Project

(Atlanta, Georgia — The Atlanta, Georgia, chapter of National Action Network (NAN) led by Rev. Ron Sailor is partnering with Higher Heights (Glynda C. Carr, CEO) and The New Georgia Project (Nse Ofot, CEO) to provide clergy members as poll chaplains to ensure that Georgians casting a vote on January 5th at an election day polling precinct do not experience obstacles prohibiting their ability to cast a ballot.

The effort will cover approximately 230 polling precincts on election day across the State of Georgia. NAN is providing clergy members to monitor sites to advise of machine outages, voter intimidation of any kind or any other issues impacting voters.

Clergy may still volunteer by calling (678) 732-0405.