NAN Virtual Convention Livestream System Requirements

In order to ensure that your system is setup to view NAN’s Virtual Convention, please refer to the guidelines below. If you are still having trouble connecting to the stream, please check our Facebook or Youtube livestreams, or contact our livestream support.

Supported Browsers

• Chrome (
• Firefox (
• Safari (
• Internet Explorer 10 or greater (

Required Plug-ins

• Flash (
• Java (

Internet Connection

• Download speed of at least 1.5Mbps is required to watch Medium quality video.
• Download speed of at least 5Mbps is required to watch HD quality video.
• Network Ports 1935, 80, and 443 should be open for inbound traffic.
• Hardwired, dedicated internet connection is recommended for best viewing experience

Video Quality Selection

• The default video quality selection is “Auto.” The player will automatically select an appropriate quality
based on your available download bandwidth.
• If you wish to force a specific quality, you can do so by clicking the quality menu on the bottom right of
the player and clicking the specific quality of your choice. Please note, if your available download
bandwidth is insufficient for the selected quality, the player will buffer until the required download
bandwidth is available again making for an undesirable viewing experience.
• Excessive buffering is a symptom of insufficient bandwidth, please select “Auto” or a lower quality.


• Volume is adjusted by hovering over the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of the video player.
• To toggle mute on and mute off, simply click the speaker icon.
Mobile Devices
• iOS 6 or greater
• Android 4.2.2 or greater
Internet Explorer Issues:
Internet Explorer users should be aware that PSAV recommends version 11. Please see Microsoft’s statement regarding older versions of Internet Explorer.

If you’re using Windows 7, or 8 with the default Internet Explorer browser, you may see a window asking you to upgrade your browser. (See Supported Browsers)