Youth Move Huddle

NAN’s Youth Huddle Virtual Episode 4: NAN Youth Huddle Episode 4: Justice & COVID with Shaun King, Farrah Gray, Emerald Snipes and Marquese Avarett

May 27, 2020

On NAN’s Youth Huddle Virtual Episode 4, we gathered with brilliant social leaders including activist Shaun King, NAN Youth Huddle’s Malaysia Freeman, Eric Garner’s daughter Emerald Garner Snipes, author and life coach Farrah Gray, activist Jamira Burley, activist Marquese Averett, NAN’s Kyra Stevenson Valley and Mary Pat Hector, Dominique Sharpton, and NAN’s Youth Huddle Founder Ashley Sharpton.

We discussed curbing violence in the COVID crisis, what happens to our youth with no summer youth employment, solutions for the youth dealing with over policing communities of color, and the new unjust deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.