Dominique Sharpton

Director of Membership

Dominique Sharpton is the eldest daughter of two to Rev. Al and Kathy Jordan Sharpton. She has been an influential force in the National Action Network since she formally joined in 2008. Since 2008, as the membership director, Dominique has led the increase in NAN members while working with chapters around the country to increase their membership. She has not only led the organization in terms of expansion, but she has staunchly promoted activism with the rising youth, motivating real action. She has worked hard to encourage, empower, and educate the youth for the continuation of civil rights activism and to bridge the gap between the new and the old, to ensure action in the generations to come.

Dominique attended Temple University having received scholarships from Canaan Baptist Church, The William Fox Scholarship Fund, and McDonalds Corporation. She studied theater, music, and communications under the mentorship of Bill Cosby, who enrolled her in her first acting school, the Freedom Theater in Philadelphia, PA. While at Temple, she was inducted into the National Honors Society for having a 3.63 average and interned for the Philly Fringe Festival. She then went on to attend a conservatory, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), in New York City where she graduated in Feb. of 2007. She has recently starred in the musical “Showboat” as Queenie, in Cape Cod and shot an under five in the 2009 movie Duplicity, starring Julia Roberts. She still studies her craft and takes classes at TVI actor’s studio in NYC and takes private vocal lessons with a private coach.

Aside from her love for theater and children, she has also explored the realms of producing. For a year she co‐ produced her father’s syndicated radio show “Keeping it Real” with Al Sharpton, and has recently co‐produced a Broadway event at Birdland Jazz Club with Amy Birnbaum, celebrating Afro‐ American music on Broadway. She is currently producing her father’s live radio broadcast rally every Saturday morning from 9‐11 a.m. on WLIB‐1190 a.m. She is also very involved in The National Action Network and serves as the Director of Membership for over 45 chapters. She has been diligently working on the forefront with her father, helping to organize marches and rallies around the country in pursuit of justice. She is also a member of the Women’s Auxiliary, NAN mass choir, decency initiative (where she co‐hosted an open mic series), and co‐chair of the Youth movement. She devotes a lot of time mentoring young people around the city, having recently co‐founded a youth based organization with her sister Ashley called “Harlem INC” which has transformed into an entertainment Company called “Sharpton entertainment LLC”. They work to provide positive outlets for youth and showcase their many talents, as well as raising issues and hardships that young adults are facing and dealing with today. She has also spoken at the Children’s Aid Society and other organizations as a youth spokesperson. She started an online private business and has begun writing a book about her life story which she works on in her spare time. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her efforts to help young people and for being a true leader and inspiration for young girls all around the country. She thanks God and her parents for not giving up on her and for being the light of her life. Dominique has one sister, Ashley, and a godson, Daun, whom she loves very much. She resides in Brooklyn with her family.

Dominique Sharpton is also the board president for Education for a Better America (EBA).

Education for a Better America seeks to promote, fund, organize and conduct activities that will build an educational support system that serves the needs of students in urban communities. The mission of the corporation is to build bridges between policymakers and the classrooms by supporting innovations in the delivery of education; creating a dialogue between policymakers, community leaders, educators, parents, and students; and disseminating information that will positively impact our schools.

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