Trump’s Strategy is to Not Appeal to Black Voters: Rev. Sharpton Discusses Voter Suppression

Aug 24, 2020

(New York, NY) — On the subject of voter turnout, and specifically the voter turnout of the black community, Reverend Sharpton is not worried. Speaking on Morning Joe to Joe Scarborough on Monday, Sharpton emphasizes that there will “clearly be overwhelming turnout from the black communities”. The only concern he has is strategic voter suppression.

Scarborough and Sharpton also discuss the recent Politico finding that President Trump in a 2017 meeting with civil rights leaders said that he benefited from Black voters staying home.

Citing the energy of the current civil rights movement, Sharpton says, “Black voters, in my opinion, are energized and mobilized, the question is – can we protect their vote so that when they turn out their votes will be counted, and if there is the mail-in process, that that will not be, in any way, inhibited through the tampering of the postal services.”

Watch the full remarks below.