Today, in Jackson, Mississippi, we gathered not just to mourn Dexter Wade but to ignite a call for justice in a world that too often turns a blind eye.

Nov 21, 2023

Dexter’s untimely death is a painful reminder that justice and accountability is not yet a reality for all. As I stood alongside Attorney Ben Crump, DeRay McKesson, Dexter’s family, and supporters, my message was clear: This is not the end but the beginning. To everything there is a season, change is long overdue!

We demand accountability, not just in words but in action. We won’t be silenced or satisfied with mere words or gestures. Dexter’s story, like so many others, underscores a harsh truth: Even those who break through barriers face the relentless pressure of systemic injustice.

But today marks a new chapter. We unite and stand, not for violence or chaos, but to break the barriers of injustice. We stand for Dexter, and for every life unjustly taken and covered up. Though many of us are not new to this fight for accountability throughout this country, we must continue to transform our pain into power, and our grief into action.

We must and we will continue to stand with the Wade family

View images from the funeral here.