Statement from Reverend Al Sharpton in response to $10 million fine and one year suspension of Robert Sarver by NBA

Sep 13, 2022

“This morning I received a call from the NBA letting me know about their decision to fine Robert Sarver and suspend him from the league for one year. While I commend the league for taking this step, the report findings clearly show that Mr. Sarver has perpetrated egregious acts of racism and misogyny and should no longer be welcome in the back office or on the sidelines.  I encourage the Board of Governors to hold Mr. Sarver fully accountable for his actions, and to vote for his removal from the league in recognition that his behavior does not represent the values of the NBA. I look forward to continuing to work with Commissioner Silver and the leadership of the league to fight racism and abuse at all levels, and to lead the American sports community in support of these principles.”



Rev. Sharpton has worked tirelessly over the last six months to bring awareness to Sarver’s abuses and demand the NBA take appropriate action to hold him accountable. Today’s events follow numerous phone calls with league leadership, statements in the media and advocacy within the civil rights community to maintain visibility over the investigation into Mr. Sarver.

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