Richmond Chapter Updates

May 22, 2018

Brenda Coles
Richmond Chapter National Action Network President


-The Richmond Chapter NAN, in conjunction with Dreamers Imagine presented a historical production called Freedom Day. Money was raised for MLK Middle School, the 31st Street Baptist Church Nutrition Center, and a Scholarship Fund. Links from interviews are below and pictures are enclosed: 


-The Richmond NAN Chapter participated in a local march against domestic violence in order to raise awareness of recent murders in our communities linked to domestic violence

-The Richmond NAN Chapter partnered with Dads Against Domestic Violence 

-The Richmond NAN Chapter participated in the March For Our Lives in Washington DC. Videos from the march are linked below: 


-The Richmond NAN Chapter, in collaboration with several community coalitions, helped protest the construction of new youth prisons in Virginia. 

-The Richmond NAN Chapter became partnered with the Carol Adams Foundation 

-5 members of the Richmond NAN Chapter attended the National Action Network Convention

-For the month of April, the Richmond NAN Chapter commemorated the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination with reflections of his life and his work. Links to news segments reflecting on his life and legacy are below: