Politics Nation with Al Sharpton (MSNBC)

Reverend Al Sharpton Holds Eight Minutes and 46 Seconds of Silence on Politics Nation

Jun 07, 2020

(New York, NY) — This evening on Politics Nation, Reverend Sharpton called for 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silent broadcasting — a call that echoed the 8 minutes of silence he facilitated while delivering the eulogy at George Floyd’s memorial. During the silence, images of protests the protest movement that has risen up since the death of George Floyd were shown.

This holding of silence allows us to understand the length of time that George Floyd was pinned on the ground by the police officers. At 6 minutes and 3 seconds the images fade out to a counter, to show the moment that Floyd lost consciousness — and to highlight the remaining time that passed in which his life was completely disregarded.

Watch the powerful recording and hold 8 minutes and 47 seconds of silence in the clip below.