Rev. Sharpton Announces Plans for a March on Washington

Jun 04, 2020

(Minneapolis, MI) — During his eulogy at the memorial for George Floyd and the Floyd family, Reverend Al Sharpton announced plans for a march in Washington, D.C.

The march will take place on August 28th, the 57th anniversary of the historical March on Washington, which was led by Martin Luther King Jr., and the site of his “I Have a Dream” Speech.

Upon giving the announcement, Sharpton acknowledged Martin Luther King III, the son of the civil rights icon, who was present at the memorial. “That’s where your father stood, in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial and said ‘I have a dream'”.

The march will be a powerful event that will usher in a new era of civil rights — the era of demanding reform of policing and criminal justice. Reverend Sharpton relays how this march will acknowledge a history of fighting for black civil rights in America:

“We’re going back this Aug. 28 to restore and recommit this dream,” Sharpton said. “To stand up, because just like in one era we had to fight slavery, another era we had to fight Jim Crow, another era we dealt with voting rights. This is the era to deal with policing and criminal justice.”

Following this day of mourning, the fight will begin. The Reverend Sharpton pointed to legislative and policy issues that NAN along with other civil rights groups — NAACP, NUL, the Black Woman’s Round Table, and others — will begin to advocate for. Amongst these issues are plans to push for full police background checks as well as the use of consent decrees, which will allow the Justice Department to audit and take over police departments that have demonstrated a history of misconduct.

Watch Rev. Sharpton announce the August 28th March on Washington below. Register for the August 28th March on Washington here.