Chapter News

Rev. Deves Toon NAN National Field Director

Sep 16, 2021

DATE: September, 15, 2021 v

To: Rev. Deves Toon NAN National Field Director

RE: Western Regional Update Rev. Deves Toon, Here is an update of the Western Region and changes or events concerning the work being done. ● Additions to the Western Region: NAN Orange County and NAN Inland Empire. These two new Chapters are awaiting their Membership Cards. I request that they be placed on the National Website so that when Crisis arise in their areas, they can address them rather than coming to the Western Regional Office or LA Chapter ● There are two additional Chapters who are currently seeking to join the organization; Fresno/Kern County and Bakersfield. I have been in constant communication with these cities who are/have been experiencing a plethora of race related issues including racial profiling, discrimination, employment issues and major problems in the educational system. Both cities have been given the information on the necessary steps for the process of organizing a Chapter. Their information will be forwarded to the National Field Directors office to send Chapter Start Up Kits. ● The Western Regional Office has also been contacted by people in the cities Richmond/Vallejo (North of Oakland, South of Sacramento) seeking to organize Chapters. Information has been given on the necessary steps on how to organize a NAN Chapter. Their information will be forwarded to the National Field Directors office to send Chapter Start Up Kits. ● California Recall On Governor Gavin Newsom: There was a non-denominational Clergy Zoom Conference on Thursday, September 9th led by Rev. Amos Brown and clergy members and Saturday, the 11th with clergy throughout the state of California to encourage their congregations to get out and Vote on Tuesday, September 14th. Governor Gavin Newson was a participant on both calls. Q&A time was provided so that questions to the Governor could address the many issues including ‘homelessness’, the economy, jobs and law enforcement matters. ● Results from the election on the NO Vote for the Recall were successful as the Governor was percentage points ahead of all his opponents. ● Information for the NAN 30th Anniversary in NYC has been sent to ALL Chapter Leaders in the Western Region. Waiting for more details to come. ● Western Regional Conference 2022 LA: Schedule to meet with Chapter Leaders before the end of the quarter to plan for the 2022 Western Regional Conference in Los Angeles.

More details will be sent.

Rev. Jonathan Moseley NAN Western Regional Director