In Birthday Call-In To Rev. Al Sharpton’s Radio Show, Kamala Harris Discusses Candidacy and Weighs in on Amber Guyger Sentencing

Oct 03, 2019


NEW YORK (October 3, 2019) — Today on “Keepin’ it Real,” Reverend Al Sharpton’s nationally syndicated radio program, presidential candidate and United States Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) called in to wish Rev. Sharpton a happy 65th birthday.

Calling from Nevada, where she has been picketing with striking United Auto Workers, Harris discussed her candidacy and weighed in on the Amber Guyger sentencing, saying the case “is yet again another example of the lack of fairness in terms of sentencings. And the reality of that is she murdered someone. Ten years? I have seen people go to prison for twice that for drug possession. And here we have somebody who is dead and we have to deal with that in terms of how we acknowledge the criminal justice system, in particular sentencing has not been applied equally to people based on race.”

Harris also discussed smart gun safety laws, a ban on the import of assault weapons and putting comprehensive background requirement checks in place. She and Rev. Sharpton also talked about tax cuts, narrowing the racial wealth gap and creating fairness in homeownership for Black families.

Listen to their interview below: