NEWS ROUNDUP: Bacon, Hot Dogs Linked To Cancer, Al Sharpton To Speak At Slain Cop’s Funeral

Oct 26, 2015

Bacon Jalapeno Wrapped Tater Tots

The next time you’re out, you might want to think twice about ordering a hot dog or asking for an extra side of bacon. According to the World Health Organization, bacon, sausage, and other processed meats are cancer culprits. The statistics were discovered by a panel of 22 experts, who have studied the connection between meat and cancer for decades. This is the first time that a notable health organization has been outspoken about the negative effects meat can have on health. “I understand that people may be skeptical about this report on meat because the experimental data is not terribly strong,” said Professor Paolo Boffetta, who has served on WHO panels in the past. “But in this case the epidemiological evidence is very strong.” Read more.

Rev. Al Sharpton to Speak at Slain NYPD Officer’s Funeral

Last week, New York City was left in shock after police officer Randolph Holder was shot and killed in East Harlem. This week, Holder’s loved ones and police officials will come together to pay their respects. Rev. Al Sharpton will be delivering remarks at the funeral. Although Rev. Sharpton has a history of calling out the NYPD for their wrongdoings, during the funeral he wants to use his platform to better the relationship between police officials and the communities they serve. “When we find a police officer that’s trying to protect us and serve our community and actually puts their lives on the line to do that, we stand up for those police officers,” said Sharpton at a rally this weekend. “We are not anti-police. We are anti-police-brutality.” Holder’s funeral will be held at Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Queens. Read more.

Janelle Monae to a Make Movie Debut

Songstress Janelle Monae will soon be stepping into the realm of acting. Monae will make her movie debut in Moonlight. The film, which is being created under Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment company, is based on the play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. The play captures the chronicles of a young man in Miami as he comes of age during the “War on Drugs.” Actress Naomie Harris will also star. Moonlight is slated to come to theaters next year. Read more.

Redd Foxx to Go on Tour as Hologram

Comedians Redd Foxx and Andy Kaufman will be the latest deceased celebrities to go on tour as holograms. Hologram USA will take the two on tour across the country to do live shows next year. “Who knew that the persistent rumors that Andy Kaufman would return from death would come true?” said Hologram USA CEO Alki David in a statement. “We have the opportunity to resurrect him and present his genius with the same vitality and joy that his first audiences experienced 40 years ago. As for our other debut comedy hologram legend: Redd Foxx is a hero who helped change the game not just in comedy but in how Americans talk about race and sex.” Read more.


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