NAN’s March on Washington Featured in National Geographic

Dec 08, 2020

Photo by Stephen Wilkes

Check out the January issue of National Geographic magazine featuring NAN’s March on Washington (available online!).

For the first time in National Geographic’s history, the magazine featured some of the most influential photographs of the year — including one that’s particularly inspiring — as part of Nat Geo’s look back at a year we won’t soon forget.

A powerful “day-to-night” image of the Commitment March in Washington: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks, captured by photographer Stephen Wilkes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you look closely in this photo, you’ll find a powerful story of the historic day’s events, told in a way only Stephen and Nat Geo can express. You’ll see:

VP-Elect Kamala Harris on a screen on one side, the family of George Floyd on another, Dr. King’s son and granddaughter (Martin Luther King III and Yolanda Renee King) speaking, BeBe Winan singing, and even Rev. Sharpton can be spotted on the center back screen.

March participants proudly gathering, holding signs, wearing masks to prevent the spread of the pandemic in every corner of the frame.

It took Stephen over 16 hours to capture the full effect of the March, from day-to-night.

You can look closer and relive the unifying power of the March and other powerful moments that took place throughout this unprecedented year now at

Photo by Kris Graves

National Geographic’s January issue is a single-topic issue titled “The Year in Pictures”:

National Geographic magazine, for the first time in the magazine’s history, is focusing on some of the most influential photographs of the year, as part of a look back at the year. The January 2021 issue is the center piece of National Geographic’s annual “Year in Pictures” campaign, which can be found at