NAN-Middle GA Petitions Citizens of Macon and Bibb County to Repeal Garbage Collection Ordinance

Jan 26, 2018

Join NAN Middle GA and the Citizens of Macon to Repeal the New Garbage Ordinance

The Mayor and Commissioners have changed the way garbage fees are collected. The fees now must be paid for the year in advance and paid on all property whether occupied or not. If property is not occupied you still have to pay garbage fees. The tax payer will be paying fees for a service they are not receiving. Also, There is no way to refund overpayments of advance fees if you move or sell the property. This is an unfair ordinance to all tax payers/property owners. The only way to stop this unfair charge is to petition the court to repeal the ordinance.

Please join us in this fight.  Encourage your family, friends, employees, all registered voters to sign the petition. Subway 833 Pine Street, Macon, GA; El High School, 840 Forsyth Street, Macon, GA or a church in your neighborhood.