Jul 28, 2009

Social Justice Initiative

Reverend Dr. Boise Kimber, Executive Director

The Social Justice Initiative emerged from the National Action Network’s Annual Convention in April of 2006 in New York City . The Reverend Dr. William A. Jones Social Justice Award was presented to the Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery, co-founder of the SCLC with the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Reverend Al Sharpton, along with other ministers, convened and resolved to further the dialogue on social justice issues and the black church. The result was the formation of the Social Justice Initiative, the purpose of which is to serve as a guide for pastors and congregations, and to bring to light the black churches’ responsibility in addressing the social issues that impact the lives of black men and women.

Decency Initiative

Tamika Mallory, Director

The Decency Initiative was created in order to reduce the dialogue of indecency that has become pervasive in our community as a form of entertainment. We are calling for the removal of “nigga”, “bitch”, and “ho” from the lexicon of the music and entertainment industry. The Decency Initiative has already caught hold across the nation and continues to inspire people to become active participants through its positive message.

Criminal Justice Initiative

Kirsten John Foy, Director

We serve the community and stand on the shoulders of those who have served before us. The right to equality should not be conditional. The right to equality should be available to all people. Criminal injustices such as racial profiling have historically been a reality that we still contend with today. It is our goal to break down all barriers and take a stand as one united front. Injustice endured today paves the way to a better tomorrow for our children.

Membership Initiative

Dominique Sharpton, National Director

Membership at National Action Network is more than the typical membership with an organization; it is a way of life. Nowhere else will you get the sense of history, tradition, and camaraderie with a people trying to change the political and racial landscape of the nation. We strive to ensure equal access for all people. By joining National Action Network you will be part of our national campaign to better the conditions of this country and have access to a family of devoted and reachable allies.