#GOTV Nov. 8, 2022 – Get Out To Vote

Oct 19, 2022

In the wake of George Floyd, Buffalo, and countless other tragedies, all we have pushed for is substantive change to address structural racism at its root, instead of mere platitudes with a focus on inauthentic diversity, representation, or temporary aid.

New York’s time is now. #RacialJustice is on the ballot. It has been an honor to witness the tireless fight of the National Action Network’s very own @Jennifer Jones Austin as she has brought thoughtfulness and determination to the Racial Justice Commission’s process of crafting these proposals to end systemic racism in our city.

Now, it’s our turn. With so much at stake this November for our democracy, we cannot afford to silence our own voices. It’s imperative to get to the polls on November 8, or during early voting from October 29 – November 6. You can find more information at

If we don’t look out for our own community, who will?