FL NAN Takes A Knee For Justice at the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl

Jan 23, 2018

 Orlando, FL – The National Action Network Central Florida – with partners Fight Back Coalition, Advocacy, Action & Accountability Alliance, Women of Color Leadership Coalition, Community Empowerment Partnership, Believers Outreach Ministries in solidarity with other Civic and Civil Rights Organizations along with the families of victims of excessive force by Police  – will hold a rally outside Orlando Police Headquarter on Sunday, January 28th  and then following the rally, participants will march to Camping World Stadium to Take A Knee for Justice at the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl.
The purpose of the Justice Rally is to harness the energy of nationwide protests into a direct call to End Police Brutality and to bridge the gap of mistrust between community of colors and law enforcement.  Other  topics of discussion will be Racism, Gentrification, Environmental, Immigration, Post-Conviction, Voting Suppression and LGBTQ Inclusivity.
Media Advisory:
                    WHAT:    Take a Knee for Justice and a Call to End Police Brutality 
                    WHEN:    Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 1:30PM
                 WHERE:    OPD Headquarters – 1250 West South Street – Orlando, FL 32805
Justice March Route – South Street North to Camping World Stadium
Lawanna Gelzer, President of NAN Central Florida Chapter President
Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary
Phillip H. Arroyo, Coalition for Puerto Rico Justice
Josephine M. Balzac, Esq., LL.M., Coalition for Puerto Rico Justice
Pastor Brei Taylor, Oasis Fellowship Ministries
Dr. Vibert White, Jr.,  Professor of History
“The ongoing failures with the Orlando Police Department are alarming and unacceptable,” said Lawanna Gelzer, President of the National Action Network Central Florida Chapter. “The community demands accountability, and now it is clear that we must Take A Knee for Justice.”