Executive Directior: 20 Years of Struggle; 20 Years of Progress; 20 Years of Shaping History

Mar 25, 2011

I am very excited to be preparing for NAN’s 20th anniversary and annual convention April 6-9 in New York City. This year’s convention promises to have larger than usual attendance including key members of the U.S. cabinet, “A” list celebrities and professional athletes. We are partnering with various media entities to ensure that the coverage is indicative of NAN’s twenty year evolution. We are especially elated about the community members that have registered from all over the country. As a result, this year’s convention should enable us to communicate our mission more effectively to a larger audience and to create real steps towards action not only for this year but for the next twenty.

The theme for this year’s convention is “20 Years of Struggle; 20 Years of Progress; 20 Years of Shaping History,” presenting a unique opportunity for those interested in social justice and community activism. Young professionals may find it particularly advantageous as they seek productive uses for their resources and effective networking opportunities. In fact, from a networking perspective, this year’s convention is an excellent opportunity for young professionals to connect with important local and national figures, celebrities, and media personalities. Though I encourage people from all levels of their careers to come out, as the National Executive Director of NAN, a young professional myself, I can personally attest to the benefits of our annual convention for aspiring community and business leaders.

In addition to networking, this convention will feature a variety of poignant workshops and seminars. It will be great for gaining a variety of perspectives on what’s current in the civil rights and social justice movement as well as overall community upliftment.  

Plan to peak your awareness on what’s happening in current policy with sessions on: education, healthcare, wellness, sports and entertainment, business etc. Other events during the four day convention are geared towards strengthening community awareness such as gun policy, real estate foreclosure, and family development. Additionally there will be a social and religious panel which will include community and business representatives as well as members of the clergy who will discuss life’s second chances: the redevelopment of a formerly incarcerated man or woman, boy or girl. Our premiere event is the Keeper of the Dream Awards Dinner, a star studded affair honoring Muhammad Ali, Magic Johnson, Samuel and Latanya R. Jackson and others. Tickets are still available.
Again, the annual convention is April 6-9 in New York City at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. I want to strongly encourage your attendance and for you to invite friends and colleagues as well. You can register on our website or by calling 1-877-626-4651. You can also follow me on Twitter where I post daily updates on the convention at Mallory_NAN_ED and