Erica Garner’s exclusive statement to NewsOne Refuting NY Post Cover Story

Feb 24, 2015

“It is unfortunate that the New York Post and James O’Keefe have taken a moment of reflection and mourning as an opportunity to sow discord and confusion among a peaceful and unified movement. The comments were taken out of context, edited and released to partisan outlets for nefarious reasons. Reverend Sharpton, Cynthia Davis, and NAN are greatly appreciated in their assistance in helping me to fight for justice in my father’s murder. O’Keefe and the Post do not represent the kind type of dialogue that I am trying to engage in, nor does that article reflect my feelings towards the Reverend and National Action Network.

“To make sure that partisan hit-men like Mr. O’Keefe and bottom feeders can no longer impede progress to racial harmony and equality I would like to announce the foundation that I have started with the help of like-minded community partners, The Garner’s Way foundation.  <>With this foundation I will fight to engage communities all over the world in this struggle through, political awareness, music, arts and community activism. Your support in the fight is desperately needed all donations can be made at <>

“The Garner Way Foundation, aims to engage communities all over the world in social justice issues through, political awareness, music, arts and activism.”


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