Rev. Sharpton Calls for Restoration of Voting Rights

Dec 12, 2018

Reverend Al Sharpton issued a request for a “clergy-driven voter registration effort” to add the Florida’s 1.4 million ex-prisoners onto voter rolls at the 2018 National Consultation of the Conference of National Black Churches.


In Orlando, the Rev. Al Sharpton calls on clergy to help register ex-felons to vote – Orlando Sentinel
Al Sharpton and other Black church leaders call voter registration of ex-felons – Miami Times Online

Reverend Sharpton’s Op-Ed

Rev. Sharpton also authored this op-ed in the Daily News calling for the restoration of voting rights for all people in NY State regardless of their involvement in the justice system. 

Restore voting rights now, N.Y.: A basic civil rights reform still lags in our progressive state – New York Daily News