NAN Youth Huddle

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Oct 26 2020

NAN Zoom Portal

New York , NY 10039


NAN Youth Huddle’s Monday Community Action Meeting is now Virtual!

This Week

Topic: Do you know your local politicians running in this upcoming election?

This Monday, join NAN Youth Huddle & the Seminar for Civic Engagement and Basic Politics for a conversation on politics 101, civic engagement, and the power of the vote! Our guest speaker is NAN’s National Crisis Director and Harlem District Leader William Allen. Join us and spread the word.


How to Tune In

Visit our NAN Youth Huddle Zoom Portal:

About NAN Youth Huddle

The NAN Youth Huddle is a youth and young adult initiative centered around community service, STEM training, civic engagement, health and wellness, self empowerment, performing arts, and mentorship under the umbrella of Rev. Al Sharpton’s national civil rights organization, The National Action Network.

NAN’s Huddle initiative, founded by Ashley Sharpton after the non indictment of George Zimmerman in 2013, holds meetings every Monday, where the medium is raw and honest conversation.

Each week we focus on a different pressing topic, and review monthly goals. Young adults who want to contribute to their community and engage in meaningful discussions with tomorrow’s leaders should attend. Parents, teachers and mentors are welcome as well.

Missed a meeting or want to see what we’re about? View recordings of previous meetings here.