NAN Youth Huddle

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Jul 20 2020

NAN Zoom Portal

New York , NY 10039


NAN Youth Huddle’s Monday Community Action Meeting is going Virtual! We are kicking off with a COVID-19 Conversation series.

Join us tonight, we will be live at 7pm ET on zoom or via NAN’s Facebook live. Tonight is the fifth week of our ‘Operation Save Ourselves’ series.


Black Lives Matter: From reality to reconstruction.


Ares DaVoice
Elder Kirsten John Foy
Stacy Lynch
Malaysia Freeman
Pinnacle Garcia
Aaliyah Nickens
Emerald Snipes Garner
Shawanna Vaughn
Minister Stephan Marshall
Dominique Sharpton-Bright
Ashley Sharpton
Plus other leading youth activists, clergy, survivors, advocates, strategists, & organizers

How to Tune In

Visit our NAN Youth Huddle Zoom Portal: