National Membership Drive: 100,000 Action Members!


100,000 Action Members!

What is a member?

  • Your membership supports all initiatives taken by National Action Network.  As a member, you are entitled to vote on any issues presented to the membership.

Cost of membership

  • $25 per person, annually
  • $250 per sustaining membership, annually
  • $500 per lifetime membership, one-time fee
  • $1000 per affiliate membership (church or other institutions), annually.
  • *Please call for more information on group membership*

What does a member receive?

  • An Annual or Lifetime membership card.
  • Participation in a monthly call with NAN leadership.
  • Receipt of a monthly leadership email updating members on issues and NAN activities from across the country.
  • Participation in a special members only event during the Annual National Convention.
  • Premium seating at all National Action Network events.


As part of our 100,000 member drive, we have made becoming a member even easier! All you have to do is text the word NAN to 59769! We will contact you to activate your membership and collect your contribution or donation.

There are some extra benefits when you sign up via text message. As a Mobile Member, we will always keep you in the loop with up to date alerts and reminders about rallies, events and other activities. In addition, everyone who becomes a member by texting NAN to 59769 will be entered for a chance to join Rev. Al Sharpton for dinner at the annual NAN convention in April 2013!