#ProsecuteLynching: Ida B. Wells Campaign


Why We Are Launching This Campaign:

The decision in Oklahoma to acquit Betty Shelby in the case of #TerenceCrutcher, has given a new and urgent impetus to announce the launch of a campaign stemming from our National Convention commencing on April 29, 2017.

Named the Ida B. Wells Campaign, this is a continuation of the anti-lynching crusade she championed.

We demand that all states appoint a special prosecutor in every instance of a police-involved shooting of an unarmed person.

First Action

We are rolling out our campaign in California and urgently supporting the passage of AB284 to a vote. The Chair of the Committee on Appropriations Rep. Lorena S. Gonzalez has the power to pass or reject this bill to be considered for a floor vote. Call her today, no matter where you live, and tell her that “I support AB284 to create an independent review unit. I ask that she pass this to a vote.”

Please sign up below for action alerts for future actions. This is how we win, state by state, district by district. Join the Ida B. Wells campaign to be on the frontlines of this movement, demanding justice for police brutality.


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NAN and Olango Family Call for Passage of Bill Creating Independent Investigative Unit for Officer Involved Shootings