Our Mission

The function of the Washington Bureau is advocate for and influence federal public policy that reflects the needs and desires of the communities we serve based on the Action Agenda set forth by our national board and senior leadership.

We work to educate lawmakers and other stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities facing our communities, by advocating for more resources and polices that help invest and advance economic and social equality in our communities.

We also serve as a conduit for information about what is happening in the halls of Congress, in the office and administration of the President and in the chamber of the United States Supreme Court.

National Action Network works to:

  • Protect the civil rights of all individuals.
  • Increase voter education and registration and participation among all votes.
  • Fight discrimination in housing, accommodation/services, or employment, education, and other areas.
  • Encourage academic, scientific, and artistic excellence among minority students specifically minority & low income students in education.
  • Create a criminal justice and judicial system that is fair and equal for all people.