Chapter News

NAN Across America: End of the Year Report 2011

Dec 29, 2011

Listed below are the NAN chapter accomplishments for 2011:



7th – Patrick P. Davis was released from FCI Talladega, after NAN Atlanta members advocated for his release with letters and phone calls.  He was being held unjustly and without reason (past his release date) after his sentence was completed.

8th – Members participated in a celebration to wish David Wilkerson well in the upcoming Legislative Session for the Georgia House of Representatives.  Newly elected Rep. Wilkerson unseated longtime incumbent, Don Wix, in the July elections.  David became the first African American to represent District 56.  The reception included many civil rights organizations and elected officials.

14th -16th – Helped to sponsor and coordinate Youth In Action’s (YIA) National Teen Conference, “HOTT” Hear Our Teens Talk.  Mary Pat Hector hosted a youth conference led by the members of Youth In Action and several other teen prodigies ie… 14 y/o Morehouse College genius Stephen Stafford, NAN National Executive Director Tamika Mallory, Teen Sensation T Rep Praise, Sharon J Hill, Monique Rivarde, CBS radio’s Derrick Boazman the host of “Too Much Truth” on WAOK 1380AM, & a host of other political figures and leaders in the community. YIA also presented a Proclamation from the City of Atlanta given by Councilman Michael Bonds.

22nd – Participated in ACADEMIC POWERHOUSES – “PARENTS-AS-PARTNERS, TEACHERS-AS-ADVOCATES” CAMPAIGN.  Claire Anderson, mother of 2 year-old first grader, Caleb Anderson and Michelle Brown-Stafford, mother of media sensation 14 year-old college sophomore, Stephen Stafford kicked off a riveting campaign at Atlanta Metropolitan Christian Church.  They combined forces to present their philosophies, humorous anecdotes and inspired parental teaching strategies in a free workshop designed to promote a new kind of involvement in education.


1st – Members signed online petitions regarding an anti-choice bill, introduced by Republican Chris Smith and supported by 173 members of the House.  The bill included a provision that could redefine rape.  Cases where women are “drugged or given excessive amounts of alcohol, rapes of women with limited mental capacity, and many date rapes” would no longer count as rape.  NAN members signed the petition with the consensus that “No means no”, and it should be treated that way legally to protect women’s human, civil, and reproductive rights.

5th – Member attended DeKalb County’s Legislative Community Cabinet & Breakfast Meeting.  It was hosted by Dekalb County Commissioner Stan Watson, and attended by many elected officials in that county.  They discussed the 2011 budget, and how money was dispersed throughout the county.

21st – Members attended medal ceremony for U.S. Representative John Lewis.  Georgia’s own Congressman was awarded our nation’s highest civilian honor: The Medal of Freedom.  Members joined a host of other citizen’s and elected officials at Hartsfield-Jackson airport to support Rep. Lewis.

12:00pm – Members joined Rainbow Push Atlanta at a rally at the Capitol.  The rally titled, “New Birth of Freedom”, highlighted issues drastically impacting the African American community. Some of those issues were: Jobs, Foreclosure Law Overhaul, Bankruptcy Reform, Racial Profiling/Hyper-incarceration, and High Quality Public Education for All.

22nd – Members attended –  By the People Lobby Day  (inside the Capitol) focused on stopping the  anti-worker, anti- immigrant legislation pending in the Georgia Assembly. A multitude of organizations sponsored this lobby day, held in the Coverdell Legislative Building, Rm.328.

10am – Members attended – Press conference, “Stop Anti-Immigrant, Racial Profiling Legislation,” on the Capitol steps (Washington St. Side).

26th – Members participated in “Rally to Save the American Dream”.  Over 30,000 people in all 50 state capitals, and dozens of national groups, came together to make a true national effort to save jobs and justice in America. This rally was organized by UWA.


15th – Members participated in “Defend the Dream” gatherings at the capitol.  This same rally and discussion was held in communities across America.  The effort was made to protect Americans from legislation that would threaten American freedoms.

24th – Members attended, “Rally for Truth and Dignity”, at the Georgia Capitol. No Arizona Anti-Immigrant Copycat Law should be passed in Georgia. Initiated by Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights and endorsed by dozens of organizations including the International Action Center and the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition/Atlanta.

26th – The Education Committee hosted a film screening and discussion about the documentary, “Waiting for Superman”.  The film chronicles where we are in education, and makes controversial suggestions about where we should be heading in education in America.


4th-7th – Members attended the national NAN conference in New York

15th – Selected leaders attended Jackie Robinson Day reception at the Atlanta Braves Stadium.  The event was hosted by legend Hank Aaron, and attended by the power movers in Atlanta.

20th – Turned in signatures to Amnesty International to give to the Georgia Appeals Board in efforts to save Troy Davis.


15th – Members attended the Fifth Annual Delta Civil Rights Game – in the Braves Stadium @ Turner Field


9th – Community Rally for Human Rights, Against HB 87; Demonstration to Demand Real Solutions to Problems, Not Attacks on Immigrants; Civil rights, community, labor and immigrant advocacy organizations participated in a demonstration for human dignity and immigrant rights at the Georgia State Capitol.


2nd – Members along with a American Dreamers rallied at Sen. Saxby Chambliss’s District Office (in Atlanta) to urge him  and other members of Congress to support a plan for jobs and economy growth that works for all people, not just large corporations.

8th – Members delivered 100 signatures to Amnesty International to help save Troy Davis

29th – Members attended Town hall Meeting on Redistricting and HB277 in Dekalb County, Ga. That will affect how votes are distributed for the 2012 election


8th – 2pm – NAN Atlanta stood in agreement with SCLC Cobb County at a “Stop the Violence” Press Conference Sept 8th in Marietta Sq.

6pm – Chapter hosted a legal clinic.  Attys came and offered free legal consultation to several clients on our caseloads.

10th – Members along with a host of other organizations signed a petition to remove Phil Kent from Immigration Review Board. Governor Nathan Deal appointed the nativist leader of the hate group Americans for Immigration Control (AIC) to his Immigration Enforcement Review Board. AIC has been for over a decade listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Kent himself is responsible for using intense racist imagery to convey his terrible beliefs. Over 200 signatures were obtained.  The governor did not respond.

15th -17th – Members held a prayer vigil in front of the Georgia Parole Board, in an effort to spare Troy Davis’ life.

18th – Members participated in a March for Justice for Troy Davis.   The march culminated at Ebeneezer Baptist Church where concerned clergy and activists called for a stay of execution.

19th –  Members participated in WRFG 89.3FM’s, “Troy Davis Justice Watch”, with live broadcasts from outside the Pardons and Parole Board building from 6pm-8pm

20th – Members participated in a rally at the Capitol with the Davis family, and several other civil rights organizations in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of Troy Davis.

21st – Members rallied with Rev. Sharpton to call for a stay of execution for Troy Davis.

28th – Members participated with to deliver petitions to Senator Johnny Isakson’s Atlanta office that urges him to support the legislation which mandates that millionaires pay their fair share of taxes.

30th – Members attended the memorial service for Troy Davis


1st – Members attended the funeral of Troy Davis

15th – “Rally for Jobs and Justice” in Washington, D.C. was attended by many members.  Many of those who did not attend participated in a rally at the state capitol for jobs.

28th – Candlelight vigil held by NAN Atlanta for Joetavius Stafford, a 19 yr old who was shot 3 times in the back by Marta Police.


11th – Members attended the Youth In Action Press conference. The Press Conference is calling for an end to violence in the Greater Atlanta Community.

18th Members participated in a protest, “Occupy The Prisons”, in Lumpkin, Ga. The protest was in opposition to CCA holding undocumented workers in prison without bringing charges against them or allowing them to have a trial.


2nd – Participated in a rally at the Capitol with Atlanta Jobs with Justice Organization, to call for legislation that supports the President’s agenda to bring more jobs to states.

9th – Rally for Jobs and Justice

10th – Members facilitated a “Know Your Rights” workshop for middle school and high school aged students.  Brochures regarding your rights (compiled by the legal team at ACLU) were the primary literature used and dispersed.

22nd – Members joined Occupy Atlanta along with Atlanta Jobs with Justice in a protest outside of U.S. Representative Phil Gingry’s office to urge him to support legislation that will bring jobs to Georgia.

23rd – Annual Toy Drive




The case we have given efforts to one Roosevelt Pernell’s death while in the custody of law enforcement in Columbus, MS. This case was appealed to the Louisiana District Court of Appeals.

Relationships with other organizations

The Color of Change

Golden Triangle United Front(Court Watch)

United for Justice

The Innocence Project

Rollback Campaign-Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

Southern Proverty Law

MS State Conference NAACP


The U.S. Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Education.

True-vine Christian Life Center Youths-Gideon Wall 300 partner to build the youth center and NAN’s youths.

Assisted with the Organizing for Obama-MS Hwy 45 Corridor’s; Voter Education/Voter Awareness Town Hall; Assisted with the Obama for America 2012 Team Building efforts.
Marches participated in

Some NAN members traveled to Jackson, MS to participate in the March for Justice for James Anderson, who was brutally murdered by the white teenagers. A candle light vigil was held.


We have fought the Keep St. John, he was the Police Chief who tried to help fight violence & crime, he was ‘fired’. He was always with the local NAN Chapter each year, The Stop the Violence & Promote the Peace Rally was held. The chapter had representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice to come to town for a Community Town Hall meeting and the U.S. Department of Education attended the same meeting. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shared information about job discrimination. As for now, we’re fighting for Jobs & Justice, more people are losing jobs from fired, cut-backs to strikes.

On the other hand, Mississippi is one of the states that must fight Voter Suppression. Our chapter representatives will join with the MS-State Conference NAACP and the ACLU-MS to attend the Mississippi Legislatures January 2012 session. All across America Wal-Mart stores are treating their African-American employees like ‘slaves’. They are being sued considerably by Caucasians. African-Americans are acting a bit afraid to do anything for believing there’s nowhere to go for help. The Caucasian customers are shopping at K-Mart, therefore African-Americans are keeping the store open. Slave driving is unaccepted to the people of the community, who cares. We will join the support of the employees needs to be in touch with the EEOC.

We look forward to a prosperous New Year with more inclusive participation with NAN National. We’re expecting more memberships and people to Get Involved! We’re hoping to attract young adults for a new movement in 2012.



1. Fought against police brutality in Eunice, LA. marched on city hall, still moving in the right direction, the chief now wants a community meeting

2. Worked on the desegregation plan in Opelousas, LA. with local attorney  white.

3.  Saved Gregg Coutee, an innocent man from murder, had the charges dropped.

4. The first time ever in St. Andry Parish, 95 per cent African-American democratic executive committee, thru the NAN, this happened.

5.  Had attorney Jarvis Claiborne to work on two police murder cases, Rayne, LA. and Abbeville, LA. This is still going on, afterward, we will call the feds in to charge these officers with murder.

6. Had a march and protest on the Mayor in Oakdale, LA. and a protest on the police dept. brutality, moving in the right direction.

7. Joined Pastor Bacon in Slidell with a protest on false imprisonment.

8. Worked in Lake Charles LA. on a Police brutality case.

9. Worked on the curfew violations, in Ville Platte, LA.

10. Worked on the water in the African American community, major protest, clean water now.

11. Protest inside of St. Landry parish school board.

12. Ending racism in the Sunset, LA police dept.

13. Worked along with the Slidell and Bastrop chapters

14.  Spoke against superintendent in Morehouse Parish, stating at a base meeting that at his schools all he has is thugs and criminals, asking his resignation, there is 69 per cent black students.

15. Franklington, brutality, voters went out and removed the sheriff from office, in this pass election.

16. Protest on the capitol and met with many senators and representative to keep southern New Orleans.

17. Working matters with the chief of police on their walk law,  he straighten it out.

18. Lafayette University, All racial discrimination on job employment, victims had meetings and was satisfied with the outcome.

19. Voters registration drives

20. Equal opportunity on the Lake Charles police dept. froze hiring of white officers to hire African Americans



Causes and cases work on

1. Shomrim case where African American male was allegedly beaten by white Jewish Community Security team, court trial pending.

2. Co-hosted radio show on WOLB regarding HBCU Lawsuit dealing with duplication of course and funding, Judges decision pending.

3. Maryland Dream Act was legislation that we supported to enable children going to school in Maryland to be able to pay in state fees rather than out of state fees. Legislation passed.

Working with USPS Local and National Unions to get U.S. House Bill 1351 passed dealing to United States Postal Service, bill pending in house.

4. Working to free political prisoner Marshall ‘Eddie’ Conway former Black Panther Party Member who has been imprisoned since late 1970’s. We has had his first parole hearing – 2nd parole hearing pending. Speak with Mr. Conway once a week.

5. Worked for the removal of the death sentence for Troy Davis. Unfortunately he was executed.

6. Fighting against construction of youth jail. Construction halted, but not removed.

Relationships with other organizations

1. Partnered with Maryland-DC AFL-CIO with Vigil to stop Cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid at U.S. Social Security Administration

2. Partnered with Baltimore Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference on Shomrim Case at City Court House.

3. HBCU’S in Baltimore City Area (Bowie State University, Coppin State University, Morgan State University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

4. Worked with ACLU of Maryland dealing with measure that would allow City Council to dedicate funds for school facilities.

5. Developed relationship with Million Father March on Million Father March and Men Making A Difference Day.

6. Joined coalition with Baltimore Education Coalition eadling with funding for City Schools

Developed strong working and organizing relationship with AFSCME and AFT and 6 other local unions to co-host the Jobs & Justice Rally directed by National President and Founder Rev. Al Sharpton, Jr.

7. Co-convened a meeting with NAACP, SCLC, Paul Robeson institute, Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce, Greater Baltimore Urban League and 12 others organizations for President’s meeting.

8. Working with postal workers unions, especially APWU Local 181, with four rallies related to closing and downsizing Baltimore City post office.

9. Participated in Progressive Maryland’s Save our State forum at Community College of Baltimore.

10. Worked with Maryland Minority Contractors Association regarding changes in requirements for minorities to be involved with casino building.

11. Developed relationship with Baltimore Heritage regarding Read’s Drug store where 1st student led sit in demonstrations took place.

12. Speaker for Winans Neighborhood Improvement Association.

13. Speaker at 53rd Leadership Conference of Woman Power, Inc.

14. Developed relationship with Payne Memorial AME Church which hosted Town Hall Meeting and HIV Awareness Testing Day.

15. The All People’s Congress is an organization that we partnered with to speak out about electricity rate hikes.

16. Supported CASA de Maryland to get legislation passed to enable immigrants to pay instate tuition to go to school.

17. We were honored by the Koinonia Baptist Church first “These We Honor” Prayer Breakfast and selected for our dedicated service to our Baltimore Community.

18. Worked with Amnesty International with death sentence on Troy Davis and parole for Marshall Conway.

19. Assisted Algebra Project and Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle with protest of construction of youth jail.

20. Supported Baltimore Metropolitan Council AFL-CIO and spoke at America Wants to Work Rally.

21. Was the lead organization that brought on 31 other organizations to co-host a Mayoral Debate at New Shiloh Baptist Church where over 700 people attended. Those organizations were: AFSCME, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, Associated Black Charities; Baltimore City Young Democrats, Baltimore Neighborhoods. Inc.; Baltimore Safe and Sound Campaign; CASA de Maryland; Citizen Planning and Housing Association; Coalition of Concerned Citizens; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce; I Vote Maryland; Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance; J. Wyndal Gordon, Esquire – Monumental Bar Association, Leaders of A Beautiful Struggle; Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood; NAACP; Paul Robeson Institute; Paul Robeson Institute; SEIU 32 BJ; SCLC; The New Park Heights Community Development Corporation; and West Baltimore Coalition.

22. We would like to close with our greatest partner which is New Shiloh Baptist Church where Pastors Rev. Dr. Harold A. Carter Sr. & Jr. allow us to host our monthly meetings. We give special acknowledgement to them and the church!!!

Marches participated in

1. Marched with Maryland-DC AFL-CIO to stop Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts in front of Baltimore City Hall.

2. Participated in two (2) marches, so far, dealing with closing and downsizing of United States Postal Service offices.

3. Joined youth groups where hundreds marched against construction of youth jail.

4. Participated in the National Action Network March for Jobs and Justice and brought four (4) bus loads in cooperation with MD-DC AFL-CIO

Alliances built with elected officials

1. Alliance built with Maryland State Senator Joan Carter-Conway with HBCU Lawsuit and cause.

2. Worked with Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and Councilman Carl Stokes regarding fatal shooting of 12 year old in Northeast Baltimore.

3. Partnered with Councilwoman Helen Holton whose church sponsored the National HIV Testing Day directed by National President Rev. Al Sharpton.

4. Worked with Baltimore City Councilman Bernard Young and Council members Carl Stokes, William Welch and Mary Pat Clarke with Men Making A Difference Day.

5. Rallied with United States Senator Benjamin Cardin with Greater Baltimore Metropolitan AFL-CIO local unions dealing with nationwide and local plight of union.

Causes fought for

1. Helped organize and assisted in locating missing 7-month old baby, Yaunh Birch, taken by Jonae Boozer from home of mother. Child found thanks to our leadership and help.

2. Worked with ACLU and other organizations with major rally to dedicate funds from the Baltimore City Council for school facilities.

3. Participated in rally to end crime and violence where 12-year Sean Johnson was fatally shot in city’s Northeast.

4. In compliance with directive from Rev. Al Sharpton, Jr. held Press Conference and Town Hall Meeting announcing National HIV Testing Day.

5. Assisted Rev. Willie Ray, Jr. with his annual Hands across Baltimore love crusade.

6. Issued Press Release supporting non-lasping funds for quality schools.

7. Organized Million Father March in Baltimore City for 1st day of School, Monday, august 29, 2011.

8. Fought with historic organization to retain building where 1st student led sit in demonstrations took place in Baltimore City – Greensboro, North Carolina.

9. Joined rally at Clarence M. Mitchell Court House to support City Clerk Frank Conaway who was, with his family, under attack by media writer.

10. Stop Baltimore Gas and Electric Rate Hike was an initiative that we joined with All People’s Congress.

11. Supported American Wants to Work Rally hosted by labor, civil rights and faith organizations.

12. Fighting for the release of political prisoner Marshall ‘Eddie’ Conway.

13. Partnership developed with Druid Heights Ex-Offenders Re-Entry Program where our illustrious Chairman, Sen. Larry Young, served as keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony.



Cases worked on

1. Working on a case where a 14 year old black male drowned in Jackson Parish at a pond in the deep end of the woods with four other Caucasian boys.

2. Smith Case – 12year old drowned after school and no one was arrested in Jackson Parish, LA.

3. Discrimination in the workplace at GMC in Shreveport, LA.

4. Presently working on removing Superintendent of Morehouse Parish School System.

Relationship with Other Organizations

1. Morehouse Parish Chapter of NAN has joined in with other local NAN organizations in LaSalle Parish, and Slidell Parish.

Marches Participated In

1. Morehouse Parish Chapter of NAN participated in the March to stop the merger of two black Historical Colleges, Grambling State University and Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA.

2. The Morehouse Parish chapter and president Linda Mays-Logan participated in the Protesters Eunice, Louisiana march against Police Brutality on July 4, 2011 with other NAN chapters and organizations across Louisiana.

Alliance built with elected officials

1. Morehouse Parish Chapter of NAN has built an alliance with some of the Morehouse Parish School Board Members, and news media.

Causes the chapter has fought for

1. Morehouse Parish Chapter of NAN is presently fighting to remove the Superintendent of the Morehouse Parish School System.



Relationship with organizations

The New York City Chapter, over the year, has developed a relationship with Minishk-New York City

Mission Society that culminated in a NAN Chapter male Leadership Mentoring program for youth in

grades 6-9 . Also, a New York City NAN Chapter boys and girls basketball team has developed ti’Om this


Program specialist will come over from Minisink to train members of the Men’s Auxiliary on how to work with the youth in the Leadership mentoring Progran for male youth. The program specialist will also train the mentors, and give the parents of the youth an overview of the program.

Marches participated in

Anti-violence march on Wall Street

African American Day Parade

Jobs and Justice March -Washington, D.C.

HIV/AIDS March-New York City

Hands Across the City (New York City)

Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

Jobs and Justice March from 68 Street to United Nations Plaza

Alliances built with elected officials

The National Action Network, over the years, has developed alliances with several elected officials. Many of them have received awards at special ceremonies at the National Action Network, participated in forums and supported movements generated by the New York City Chapter. They are considered a resource here at NAN and an asset in terms of our future growth. They can be approached at a moment’s notice, TV participate in forums or support us in other endeavors. Some of them are listed below:

Assemblyman Keith Wright

Senator Bill Perkins

Inez Dickens

Robert Jackson

NYS Comptroller John Liu

One of the most recent examples of the National Action Network New York City Chapter, forged with elected officials, was the “25 City Rally Forum. The Chapter was able to get several of the elected officials speak on Jobs and Justice at “25 City Rally Forum. Such a relationship affords us the opportunity to have them assist us in matters pertaining to the goals and objectives of the Chapter. In other instances, they have helped us with obtaining people to participate in forums and workshops which served to educate the community.

Causes undertaken

Health and wellness

Many of the people in the NAN community suffer from: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. This year the Health and Wellness Committee has worked to educate the community and NAN members about high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

The Health and Wellness Committee has joined with Harlem Hospital to provide several forums and testing sites at NAN. The problem of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes has been among the major health problems facing the Black community. NAN has taken up the cause and is actively educating the community about the importance of good health habits and how to avoid these diseases. It is a a year round activity. It is one of the major reasons the Health and Wellness Committee has been so involved in the matter. One of the most effective ways to build a stronger National Action Network New York City Chapter is to first work to build a healthier community. We will continue to educate the community around these diseases which are so prevalent in our community.


The National Action Network New York City Chapter has fought to increase funding for HIV/AIDS research. The devastation it is causing in our community, with an increase in cases involving youth 1315 years of age and senior citizens, HIV / AIDS is out of control and must receive special attention. The need to educate the community is a continuing process the chapter has undertaken through demonstrations, rallies and education. Our plans are to partner with rnore groups in the community so we can become more effective in assisting in fighting these diseases.

Gun Violence

The killings and shootings in our neighborhoods, across the city, have left many of our youth dead or wounded from gun violence this year. We have held rallies, partnered with groups, participated in organized demonstrations and attended meetings as a way of dealing with gun violence. Still gun violence has continued to increase in spite of our efforts.

The Chapter must look at a new paradigm for solving the problem of gun violence. We will continue the fight in some form or fashion to bring attention to one of the lst serious problems facing the urban community.

Jobs and Justice

The National Action Network New York City Chapter was able to organize 7 buses for the Jobs and Justice march in Washington, D.C. The high rate of unemployment, the high rate of foreclosures the assault on organized labor and voting rights impacted our community the most. We were able to organize around those issues, since most of the participants and/or their families and friends were affected.

The Chapter gave moral support to Occupy Wall Street and there appears to be some relationship between the Jobs and Justice movement and Occupy Wall Street. Some of what we stand for is also covered in the Occupy Wall Street movement and is one of the reasons we have fought for both.

Christmas party and toy giveaway

The Christmas party this year served approximately 500 people and one thousand toys were given away to children who otherwise would not have received any. The children had an opportunity to play games, eat and just enjoy themselves. Some of the participants came from homeless shelters to spend the day with us. Others came from all parts of the community to spend the day at the House of Justice. The 23 committees that make up the chapter brought in food and drinks. Other from stores, restaurants, bakeries and fast food chains also made food donations. Others made financial contributions. It was the most organized Christmas Party and Toy Give Away we ever had. We thank the volunteers and all support staff that made it possible it would not have happened without them.


1.  The Phoenix Chapter was successful in helping Ms. Star Alexander to obtain her eights kids back from CPS, after some court hearing and be accused of abusing and neglecting her children.

2. Participated in several OCCUPY PHOENIX MOVEMENT protest and gave several media interviews.


During 2011 the National Action Network Shreveport Chapter has been active on many fronts in civil rights for all people.

  1. A major achievement was gained in the removal of the Confederate Flag that has flown since 1951 over the Caddo Parish Courthouse.
  2. Our Chapter involved itself in the King Memorial Dedication and Rally for Jobs and Justice in Washington, D.C.
  3. We have monitored the local, state and federal authorities for obvious violations of civil rights throughout the year. A recent shooting of a Black male by the police has proven to be a clear abuse of power.
  4. The chapter participated with 24 other cities for the Jobs and Justice Rally. Doing this Rally, local unions took place and a new found relationship was established.
  5. Our membership is a work in process, most of our monthly meetings have around 10 or more, and we are eagerly seeking ways to cause others to join and become active.
  6. Our goals are to stay focus on the 2012 elections, and to generate a similar excitement as witness about the Jordan shoes during Christmas.
  7. Voter’s registration drives are planned. Continue monitoring any changes in the voters laws, because Louisiana is under the ‘consent degree’ status with the federal government under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


  1. On November 17, 2011 the Staten Island Chapter of NAN gave away over 300 turkeys to the community and held a Voter’s Registration Drive.
  2. This week December 29, 2011 is the completion of our 6 weeks Free Community Computer (Microsoft Office Classes).  We have two Senior Citizens in their early and late 70″s a married couple that will be graduating. Mrs. and Mr. Franklyn. Our GED Preparation Class in still in Progress.
  3. On Monday December 19, 2011, I was invited by the Commanding Officer and spoke at the 120th Precinct Roll Call.  I spoke to approximately 75 Police Officers all white cops while they stood at attention, it was a humbling experience the day before an officer had gotten murdered.
  4. The Staten Island Chapter of NAN held their first Annual Christmas Toys Giveaway December 20, 2011.  We gave out over 400 Christmas Toys to Community Children in our auditorium.
  5. On December 22, 2011 in conjunction with the New York City Police Community Affairs 120th Precinct we gave away several more hundred of toys in our Auditorium.
  6. P. S. 21 contacted us and asked for help.  Their school is slated to close.  We are working with some of their staff to try and save the school.  However, were informed by a State Senator that the school’s closing is a done deal.
  7. Saturday, December 24, 2011 we held a Voter’s Registration Drive and donated 50lbs of Fried Chicken to the Mount Sinai Community Center Community Christmas Dinner Feeding.
  8. Christmas Day several of the SI NAN members feed the Homeless in the Outdoor Soup Line Downtown Manhattan.
  9. Our Chapter marched across the Brooklyn Bridge from Atlantic Ave. to Wall Street with Reverend Herbert Daughtry.
  10. Our Chapter marched across the Brooklyn Bridge with the NAN ‘s National Headquarters down to Wall Street.
  11. We are supported by the Mount Sinai Center for Community Enrichment, Staten Island African American Political Action Association, the SI NAACP, The New Brighton Community Association, Project Hospitality, 120th Precinct and the Mount Sinai United Christian Church.
  12. The First Black Elected Official to be elected to office in Staten Island Councilwoman Debbie Rose is in alliance with the Staten Island Chapter, of the National Action Network.
  13. We are a new Chapter and have not had the opportunity to do many things for our community.  However, the community is very excited that we are here.  We are a very committed group and has lots of Community Work ahead of us.
  14. From October to the end of December 2011 we have registered over 100 people to vote.


Relationships built with other organization

  1. Answer Coalition – Act Now To Stop War and End Racialism. Contact person ; Derrick Ford [email protected]/
  2. Say Yes To Education – Contact person;  Pat Driscoll & Rachael Gazdick
  3. Citizen Action – Contact person; Tanika Cole-Jones – [email protected]
  4. 1199 SEIU – Contact person; Derrick Carr – [email protected]
  5. United As One Coalition – A collected group of organizations, clergy @ community people who meet to bring all of our communities together & solve issues.

Marches participated in

  1. 3/9/2011 – Statewide Lobby Day – Albany New York : To try to stop tax cut to school budgets.
  2. 5/1/2011 – Labor Rights/ Immigrants Right Jobs For All – Union Square and Foley Square: May Day Our Day.
  3. 5/5/2011 – Healthcare Justice Rally – Forman Park E. Genesee St. and Almond, Syracuse, N.Y. : We Can’t Afford to Lose.
  4. 8/6/2011 – Demonstration outside Justice Center one year anniversary of Raul Pinet Jr. death there at the hands of sheriff’s deputies.
  5. 9/19/2011- Rally To Save Ida Benderson Senior Center – 205 South Salina St. Syracuse, N.Y.: rally @ center then march to City Hall
  6. 10/15/2011 – Emancipator to The Liberator – Washington, D.C., National Sylvan Theater:  Dr. Martin L. Kings Memorial march and rally for Jobs and Justice.
  7. 12/10/2011 – Stand for Freedom march and rally – United Nations New York N.Y.: Protect the right to vote in your community.

Alliances built with elected officials

  1. Linda Ervin – County Legislator
  2. Monica Williams – County Legislator
  3. Helen Hudson – 4th District Counselor
  4. Khalid Bey – Counselor elect
  5. Monique Wright-William – Syracuse city school board
  6. Sam Roberts – State Assessment
  7. Ryan McMahon 3rd District Counselor
  8. Pat Hogan – 2nd District Counselor
  9. Sharon Contreras – Syracuse City School Superintendent

Causes and cases work on

  1. Early this year when the State was proposing to shutting down public schools to save tax money our Chapter stop the closing of Elmwood elementary school with the help of city counselors Pat Hogan and Ryan McMahon.
  2. Our Chapter of NAN is also working with The United as One Coalition supporting work for law enforcement accountability. Recently, we have been campaigning to have the Common Council pass the revised Citizen Review Board legislation.
  3. March 2011 – Criminal Justice Committee assisted in the release of Anthony Brown who was facing 6 years imprisonment unlawfully.
  4. Business Committee – has been going to meeting with the North side Businessmen Association about the Butternut St. business district improvement, parking & loitering.
  5. Zero tolerance 4 Racism – NAN is a supporter of this facebook group. We will collaborate online/social media projects in 2012 as well.
  6. We have work one on one as advocate to parents of the city school district to help solve problems involving their children.
  7. NAN – support youth enrichment outreach programs. Say Yes to Education @ Dr. King School working on the Brother to Brother program. R.B.I. Little League Baseball contact person Jimmy Oliver.
  8. National Action Network Syracuse Chapter 4th Annual “Remember to Feed Our Children Week“