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NAN Across America (11-29-12)

Dec 03, 2012


The Inkster Chapter is getting geared up for 2K informational campaign. There is currently a class action law suit against the city of Inkster being pursued. The chapter reports that the homeless choir performed November 18, 2012 at the Christian Faith Ministry with Rev. Hearn. The next performance is scheduled for December 15, 2012. The chapter’s next meeting is December 3, 2012. The main discussion will be Inkster’s water rate hikes.

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The Pennsylvania chapter reports the following information:

Montgomery County, PA

Hamlet Garcia Case-Press Conference to be held at Philadelphia City Hall on 12/6/2012. Deacon Smith will be a speaker. On 12/19/2012, Mr. Garcia has a hearing before the Montgomery County Magistrate in Willow Grove, PA; Uni-vision did a filming of interview from PA NAN office on 11/19, Deacon Smith was interviewed about the case and film.

Pittsburgh, PA

Latonya Greene-police shooting of 19 year old son, the young man is now paralyzed, NAN is pursuing an investigation of the case.

Middleton, PA

Jamilah London son was murdered. However, the manner he was murdered is a mystery. NAN has been requested to intervene by family as the murder is suspected to have been brought about by police or racially motivated.

Upper Darby, PA

Renee Waring-parents of the Upper Darby School District are asking questions regarding a new testing tool, the “Keystone Test” that is being utilized in the district, however, parents have no idea what is the content of the test, etc. The chapter has requested a meeting with the Upper Darby School district Superintendent.

Cheltenham Township, PA

Darlene Middleton – grandson is 16 years old, under age was arrested and the parents were never informed. Her grandson is a student at a high school in Philadelphia county. He was arrested by Montgomery County Township police.

Easton, PA

Judy Warren – She has filed a Age Discrimination case against Wells Fargo Bank. The chapter is investigating the premise.

Newark, Delaware

Sharon Frances – her son was pursued by police and engaged in a three (3) State pursuit, her son ended up dead after the chase. The State police whom engaged in the chase claim that her son shot himself (suicide) in the head, she has requested NAN to investigate;

New Jersey

LaTanya McGruen – Her son was a witness to a gruesome murder. He was present when the murder occurred, he did not participate, however, although he cooperated with he State he was given an extreme amount of years in comparison to those who actually did the crime. NAN will assist the family in identifying and securing and appeal attorney.

Upcoming Events:

NAN participation in ReEntry Coalition Meeting on 11/26, next meeting December 17, 2012;

Annual HIV Conference, Warwick Hotel downtown Philadelphia on December 1, 2012;

Planning Meeting for the upcoming 150th Celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation, next meeting December 13, 2012.

Recent Activities:

PA NAN Chapter once again participated in the distribution of 75 Thanksgiving Turkey Food Baskets to needy families within the North Central Philadelphia community.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Philadelphia PA NAN Chapter on Friday, December 7th…

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The Bronx Chapter is looking to mobilize a “Community Town Hall” rally for 2013 that will address several issues for the upcoming state and local elections.

1. Unemployment Rate

2. Police Reform around “Stop&Frisk”

3. Economic Development

The chapter’s next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 20, 2012 from 7:00-8:30 at the Richard R. Green (Middle School), 3710 Barnes Ave (bet 216th&217th St), Bronx, NY. At this meeting the chapter will be discussing the “Community Town Hall” rally and details for the January meeting.

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The Atlanta chapter had their 5th Anniversary Celebration Honoring Living Legends Gala on November 17th.  Rev. Al Sharpton joined was the keynote speaker at the event. The chapter honored Ms. Amelia Platts, Boynton Robinson, Dr. Rev. Joseph Lowery, Rev. C.T. Vivian, Mr. Joseph Beasley, and Dr. Rev. Gerald L. Durley. Mary Pat Hector presented two outstanding Youth Move members with certificates for their achievements and efforts. The event will was MC’d by local radio host Lorraine Jacques-White. The chapter stated that the event was full to capacity, and was very well received by those who attended.

The chapter is still collecting clothes and other hygiene daily use items for our servicing the homeless drive. They are also continuing to collect toys for their annual toy drive which will be held on December 21st 2012 (1pm-4pm). The chapter has 10 drop-off locations around the city for the toy donations, not including the S.E. Regional NAN Headquarters. Toys-for-Tots has also pledged a donation to the chapter as well. The chapter reports that their membership has increased within the past three months.


The Stone Mountain Chapter reports they are working on their new NAN nanotechnology training program. They are pushing economic leadership and Job development. They are pushing to increase membership enrollment and supporters for NAN. The chapter is fighting five cases of civil injustice violations; with four cases of police harassment; and one case of false imprisonment. The chapter is pushing for a college age campaign.

The chapter has a Tuskegee Airmen celebration coming early next year. The chapters meetings are every first Thursday of every month

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The chapter reports that the City of Indianapolis recently approved the purchase of the public water utility by the company who owns and controls the gas utility. There has been widespread concern about how this merger will impact the community – especially the traditionally underserved. The NAN Indiana Chapter has been one of the leading organizations in an effort to meet with executives to get a clear understanding on specific issues – including, but not limited to the impact on a single bill for dual services as it relates to payment/non-payment matters, and the impact of much-needed capital improvements on customer bills and questions that will result in response to these major issues. The Indiana Chapter is making plans to take a delegation to the upcoming Presidential Inauguration.

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The Morehouse chapter reports that the NAN President, Linda Mays-Logan, along with Mr. Harvey Reed, Executive Director of Louisiana Association of Cooperatives is reaching out to the local community by establishing a cooperative to get people better involved, and to utilize their own resources within their local community for mutual benefits. The Morehouse Parish Chapter of NAN will be participating in the Christmas Parade scheduled for December 1, 2012.

The chapter’s next schedule meeting December 8, 2012.

Below is the list of events the chapter has schedule for 2013:


January – 2013 Martin Luther King Parade

February – 2013 Black History Parade

March – 2013 Louisiana Association of Cooperatives Conference

June 2013 – Juneteenth Celebration

August 2013 – Back to School Rally

September 2013 – School Board Meetings

October 2013 – Community Meeting with elected officials

November 2013 – Food Give Away

December 2013 – Christmas Parade

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The Las Vegas Chapter will be participating this holiday season in giving away food baskets for homeless people. Channel Wells the Youth Move Director is collecting donations to feed families and homeless youths living in the city. Las Vegas has an increasing numbers of homeless families and the local NAN chapter will focus on helping at least 30 individuals and families.

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The New York City Chapter sponsored a Thanksgiving Dinner on November 22, 2012 and over 500 hundred people came out to participate. The food was donated by Ms. Betty Parks, owner of Mannas Restaurant. The Disability Committee is sponsoring a forum on: Emergency Response to People in Emotional Distress and Alternative Services – How do we respond as a Community? The forum will be held on December 14, 2012. The New York City Chapter/Cabinet is in the process of planning their Christmas Day Dinner and Toy Giveaway. Many of the toys are donated by the business community and most of the food is donated by members of NAN. The New York City Chapter also regrets to mention the passing of one of our founding members, Mr. James Snead.