Chapter News

NAN Across America (1-18-12)

Jan 18, 2012


1. On January 17, the members of the Atlanta chapter the City Council meeting in Union City, GA. The death of Aristin Waiters (who was shot twice in the back by Union City police) was addressed. The chapter is waiting on the full report from the GBI & the plan of action from the Union City officials.

2. Occupy Atlanta & Rainbow PUSH held a press conference on January 17 in support of Higher Ground Empowerment Center, a community church that has been a staple in Atlanta for 108 years. NAN Atlanta attended the press conference and the negotiations with the president of BB&T in an effort to help the parishioners keep their church building. They could not pay the mortgage and BB&T took the deed and offered to lease the property to them. After a 3 hour negotiation, they reached an agreement with BB&T. NAN Atlanta also secured a meeting with the president of BB&T to discuss redlining practices, lending practices to the African American community, and partnership opportunities.

3. Members of NAN Atlanta marched (1/16) in the MLK Day parade in downtown Atlanta.

4. NAN Atlanta was contacted by High-profile Atlanta attorney, Lisa Cummings, who was wrongfully terminated from her position as a public defender for the city of Atlanta. She was cited for meeting with clients and researching their cases. Although these duties are listed in her job description, she was cited and terminated for fulfilling this duty. We are developing a plan of Action for Lisa, and she is securing an attorney.

5. Mary Cousins contacted us regarding her 11 year old grandson, who was handcuffed, taken to the police department, and criminally charged for a nonviolent offense that happened at school.  NAN Atlanta members will attend his second hearing on January 23rd.

6. NAN Atlanta has been working with David Yang, a client with a discrimination suit against his former employer. (link: David appealed his case, up to the Supreme Court level. The Supreme Court overturned his case (he won), and returned it to the original court to be re-tried. He was given the same judge (Russell Vineyard – Magistrate Judge) and Judge Vineyard dismissed the case before it was heard for a second time. We will need help from National on this one. We also are planning a protest at the Federal Bldg. regarding this case.

7. NAN Atlanta will continue to solicit membership from people who come to us as clients with civil rights related needs. We offer membership to those we contact at various events in Atlanta.


Below is the Philadelphia chapter’s weekly:

The chapter had a successful fundraiser “Jazz for Justice” featuring Michele Becheam. The event was well attended.

2. The chapter strategized with the Albert Purnell family planning the next action to seek justice for the unjust shooting of Young Albert Purnell. The next action will be a return to City Council January 26th, 2012. The family is demanding that the City Council call on the D.A. to charge the cop who shot a unarmed man! The chapter is collaborating with other victims of police abuse for this presentation.

3. The chapter conducted their weekly crisis committee meeting to address the crisis calls presented to the chapter as well as had their general membership meeting.

5. NAN executive members attended several Dr. King celebrations through out the Philadelphia area. President Brinkley attended an event sponsored jointly by the “Cheltenham Branch” of the NAACP and the “Jewish Social Policy Action Network” at Arcadia University, There was a community discussion over the death Penalty. Vice President Matthew Smith attended The NAACP Philadelphia branch service @ Zion Baptist Church and the Centennial Home king celebrations.

6. The chapters treasurer Andrew Brazington and the vice president Matthew Smith attended a teleconference on race relations from Martin Luther King, Jr. perspective on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

7. The chapter is supporting a family who is currently involved with the criminal justice proceedings where police made a “questionable” arrest of two of their siblings which raises questions concerning police misconduct. Chapter members attended the court proceeding on Friday, January 7th, 2012 the proceedings are continued until February 8th, 2012.


The Staten Island chapter’s weekly report is listed below.

Thursday, January 19, Event Planning Meeting
6:30 P.M. NAN Office: 382 Jersey Street

Saturday, January 21, Staten Island College Summit Membership and Voter Registration Drive.

Tuesday, January 24, at 8 P.M. Islanders For Obama Watch Party.

Staten Island Chapter information:
382 Jersey Street
Staten Island, New York 10301
phone: 347-938-1769
[email protected]