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The Civil Rights lawsuit in Ferguson

August 29, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Reginald Greene and Missouri State Rep. Courtney Curtis to talk about the civil rights lawsuit, the officers no longer with the…

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Rev. Al Sharpton gives style advice to Barack Obama

August 28, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton shares big reactions to Pres. Barack Obama’s tan suit and offers the president some style tips.

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The president on ISIS, Syria and Russia

August 28, 2014

Brian Katulis talks with Rev. Al Sharpton about foreign relations issues faced by President Obama in the Middle East and Ukraine.

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Is the war on women alive in the GOP?

August 28, 2014

Krystal Ball and Karen Finney join Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss a new GOP poll that has some surprising results about how members of the party treat women.

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‘Oops’: Rick Perry forgets charges

August 28, 2014

Rick Perry forgets the charges of his indictment. Is this reminiscent of him during the 2012 presidential debate? Rev. Sharpton thinks so.

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Georgia police investigated over Tasing death

August 28, 2014

The mother of Gregory Towns and her lawyer join Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss their lawsuit surrounding the death of her son by police.

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Kid on new sibling: ‘This is exasperating’

August 28, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton shares a video of a child that’s not too thrilled about having a new addition to the family.

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Police chief defends using military gear

August 28, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Patricia Bynes and Rep. Elijah Cummings to discuss the St. Louis County Police Chief defending the militarization of police.

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Marco Rubio confronted by DREAMers

August 27, 2014

Dreams confront Marco Rubio on immigration reform. Maria Teresa Kumar and Jamal Simmons join Rev. Al Sharpton to weigh in.

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UN reports ISIS atrocities

August 27, 2014

The UN has taken a firm stance on the military acts of ISIS. Now, what will President Obama do? Steve Clemons talks to Rev. Al Sharpton.

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