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Replacing Eric Holder Without Displacing Voting Rights and Civil Rights

Posted 09/29/2014

Limiting Voter Participation in the Middle of Crisis

Posted 09/15/2014

Does the Law Still Apply to Police, or Are Police Becoming a Law Unto Themselves?

Posted 09/8/2014


Al Sharpton calls for mourners to ‘stop the shooting’ at funeral of Brooklyn gunfire victim

Posted 09/18/2011

The Rev. Al Sharpton called on mourners at the funeral of a Brooklyn mom who was killed by a stray bullet as cops waged a gun battle with an ex-con to “stop the shooting.” “Somehow you must reach inside you and stand up for what’s right,” Sharpton told mourners at Denise Gay‘s funeral Saturday. “Whatever the…

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NAN delivered the following letter to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles in support of Troy Davis

Posted 09/17/2011

Troy Davis Ltr. to Parole Board State Board of Pardons and Paroles 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909 Dear State Board of Pardons and Paroles: National Action Network urges you to use your authority to commute the death sentence of Troy Davis. While some may disagree…

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WATCH: Al Sharpton Focuses On Troubling Death Penalty Case

Posted 09/14/2011

Al Sharpton highlighted a troubling death penalty case in Georgia for the second night in a row on his Tuesday MSNBC show.

Troy Davis has been on d…
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Rev. Al Sharpton to NYPD: Tell truth about bullet that killed Brooklyn woman on Labor Day

Posted 09/11/2011

The Rev. Al Sharpton blamed a “barbaric” criminal element – in part – for the accidental shooting death of a beloved Brooklyn matriarch last week. Sharpton called on the NYPD Saturday for a definitive ruling on whether a police bullet killed the innocent woman. Read more:

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Saturday Action Rally (9/10/11)

Posted 09/10/2011
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Rev. Al Sharpton: The President vs. the GOP

Posted 09/9/2011

The depth of our current economic crisis is so complex — there are no easy answers. But if we are to maintain our strong standing in the world, we must begin to follow through on the president’s suggestions.
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Family of Brooklyn woman killed by stray bullet turns to Rev. Al Sharpton to press NYPD on shooting

Posted 09/8/2011

The family of the beloved Brooklyn mom killed by a stray shot while a police gun battle raged nearby asked the Rev. Al Sharpton for help Thursday.

Denise Gay‘s kin believe she was cut down by a police bullet – and they fear a cover-up.

“I need Al Sharpton down here,” Tashmaya Gay said. “I asked him to help and we have an appointment to meet with him.”

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Keli Goff: How Al Sharpton Has Become Sarah Palin’s Hero

Posted 09/7/2011

Sarah Palin could get in just long enough to serve as a grenade that shakes up the race and then get out early enough to avoid embarrassing herself. Then she can really live the dream.
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NAN Expands

Posted 09/2/2011

The National Action Network welcomes our newest chapter located in Waterloo, Iowa. The Chapter President is Rev. Dr. Frantz T. Whitfield, and the Vice President is Pastor Lovie Caldwell. We are excited about the Waterloo chapter becoming a part of the NAN family as we expand the work of NAN across the Mid-West.

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Al Sharpton Incensed About Obama Jobs Speech Moving

Posted 09/1/2011

A fired up Al Sharpton angrily criticized John Boehner for rejecting President Obama’s request to address Congress next Wednesday.

Sharpton spent two segments of his Tuesday show on the controversy. (Obama and Boehner eventually agreed to have the address next Thursday instead.) In the second segment, he brought on liberal radio host Bill Press and GOP consultant Matt Mackowiak to discuss the rejection. Sharpton virtually ignored Press, boring in on Mackowiak instead.

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