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The Time for Voter Rights Is Now

Posted 03/2/2015

2016 Presidential Lineup Prospects: You Must Be Ready for Primetime

Posted 02/23/2015

They May Dismiss Us, But Maybe They Will Listen to FBI Director Comey, Or Justice Ginsburg

Posted 02/16/2015


UPDATE: Obama Reacts To Revenge Shooting Of Cops, While Political Firestorm Brews

Posted 12/20/2014

UPDATED Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 10:05 a.m., E.T. – A politically divisive firestorm has erupted in reaction to the killing of 2 police officers by a…

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Eric Garner’s Daughter Defends Al Sharpton Against D.C. March Critics

Posted 12/19/2014

Eric Garner’s daughter has responded to criticism that Rev. Al Sharpton’s recent Washington march excluded young activists. Emerald Garner (pictured center), who co-chaired Sharpton’s “Justice For…

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Sony’s Hacked Racist Emails Get Top Billing Over New Movies

Posted 12/16/2014

Last week, hackers released hundreds of stolen emails between Sony executives. Several of the hacked emails have been highlighted as being racist in nature and now the…

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Victims’ Kin Speak Out As Thousands March In DC Demanding #JusticeForAll [VIDEO]

Posted 12/14/2014

Washington, D.C. hosted the most high-profile and traditional of Saturday’s protests against racial bias in the legal system.  The march and rally was organized by National Action…

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