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The Global Fight in Criminal Justice Must Be Won

Posted 01/26/2015

Beware of Using Extremists to Settle Old Political Agendas

Posted 01/12/2015

Beware of Using Extremists to Settle Old Political Agendas



Victims’ Kin Speak Out As Thousands March In DC Demanding #JusticeForAll [VIDEO]

Posted 12/14/2014

Washington, D.C. hosted the most high-profile and traditional of Saturday’s protests against racial bias in the legal system.  The march and rally was organized by National Action…

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Scenes From The “Justice For All” March in DC [PHOTOS]

Posted 12/13/2014

Despite frigid temperatures, thousands descended on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to protest police violence against black people and recent grand jury decisions about killings by police.…

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Rev. Al Sharpton Pulls Out Of Akai Gurley’s Funeral, Citing A Family Dispute

Posted 12/6/2014

Apparently the family of Akai Gurley, the New York man who was shot dead in a dark public housing stairwell in Brooklyn, N.Y. by a rookie…

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Scores March Nationwide In Defiance Of Police Violence Against Blacks

Posted 12/5/2014

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands and thousands of diverse people united by anger took to the streets from New York City to Ferguson, Mo., from San…

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WATCH LIVE: Eric Garner’s Mother And Widow Speak About Grand Jury’s “No Bill” Decision

Posted 12/3/2014

UPDATED, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 8:35 p.m. E.T.: The live stream has concluded. During the presser, Rev. Al Sharpton announced a national march in  Washington, D.C. on Saturday,…

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Ferguson Reacts To Darren Wilson Resignation, Begins Clean Up [VIDEO]

Posted 12/1/2014

News that Officer Darren Wilson resigned from the Ferguson Police Department on Saturday is unlikely to ease tensions in the aftermath of the grand jury…

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