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It’s Been a Long Time Coming, But Permanent Change Is Within Our Grasp

Posted 12/15/2014

Marching for Congressional Action on Police Brutality

Posted 12/8/2014

Sustained Indignation

Posted 12/1/2014


Sharpton’s Thanksgiving Request, With Brown, Garner And Gurley Kin [VIDEO]

Posted 11/27/2014

During a press conference at the headquarters of the National Action Network, Rev. Al Sharpton, surrounded by the families of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and…

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Rev. Sharpton Blames Tax Scrutiny On Support Of Obama, Ferguson

Posted 11/20/2014

Rev. Al Sharpton held a news conference on Wednesday to address allegations that he owes more than $4M in state and federal taxes. According to the…

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Why Are Black Folks Easily Offended When African Americans Critique President Obama?

Posted 11/20/2014

Podcast: Download Are African Americans wrong to try and shut down any critique or criticism by Black folks of President Barack Obama? Do you think…

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