Legal Night (4/24/14)

Posted 04/19/2014
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Statement By Rev. Al Sharpton On The Passing Of Basil Paterson, Father Of Former New York Governor David Paterson

Posted 04/17/2014

NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK Reverend Al Sharpton, President FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— STATEMENT BY REV. AL SHARPTON ON THE PASSING OF BASIL PATERSON, FATHER OF FORMER NEW YORK GOVERNOR DAVID PATERSON  April 17, 2014 (New York, NY)– “I have had the honor of knowing Basil Paterson since I was a teenager leading the youth division of Operation Breadbasket. In…

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Staying Focused

Posted 04/14/2014

History teaches us that negative forces will always try to smear and distort those on the side of justice, that is nothing new. But it is up to us to keep marching forward — for victory is made up by those that remain focused and disciplined.

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Convention 2014 Wrapup

Posted 04/13/2014
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